Daisy AnalysisAutoBackup/FTP - Register

Registration of the Auto Backup/FTP is a simple process and requires a charge of  49.99.

This allows you to access more features of the program.

Registration is through PayPal. One click does it all.

Once you have registered the program, you will receive appropriate user and registration codes. These codes are needed to enable all of the features of the program.

Note that the Daisy Editing Browser and the Daisy Multiple Browser are registered separately.

If you want to try out Auto Backup/FTP properly, there is also a temporary registration, which gives around 30 days completely free usage of all of the Daisy Web Tools.

Obtain Temporary Registration!

If you don't want to register now, you may like to click one of the other links.

I Will Register Later!

I Never Register Software!

See Instructions for a full explanation of how the Auto Backup/FTP registration system works and is used.