Daisy AnalysisAutoBackup/FTP - Profiles

Auto Backup/FTP - ProfileEach of the transfers in Auto Backup/FTP is controlled by a simple profile, which contains the information needed. Profiles can also be saved and loaded to and from files.

The profile to be setup is chosen by clicking the appropriate number at the top. In the figure, 1 has been chosen.

There are three types; backup, FTP and zip.

A typical backup profile is shown.

The parts of the profile are as follows :-

  • Profile Name - A name must be entered.

  • Profile Type - Set to backup.

  • Directories - Source and destination directories for a copy must be chosen. Note how a weekly pattern has been set.

Auto Backup/FTP - ProfileThis is the FTP profile that James Miller uses to upload programs to the Internet.

Note how a cache directory is defined, which is used to check that a file has changed before it is uploaded to the Internet. Masks, such as *.exe, can also be defined.

The various settings used to transfer files using FTP are obtained from your ISP.

Clear FTP Site..., Direct FTP... and More... can be used to directly process the named FTP site.

Zip profiles are described under Applications.