Daisy AnalysisWeb Tools - Temporary Registration

This temporary registration works for the Daisy AutoBackup/FTP, the Daisy Editing Browser and the Daisy Multiple Browser.

Note that these codes only apply to the 2007 version of these programs.
Make sure you have downloaded this version and not an earlier one!

The form must be completed.

  1. You can only apply for one temporary registration.

  2. You must fill in name, post code, country and e-mail address.

  3. You will not receive a temporary registration unless a valid e-mail address has been entered.

  4. Temporary registrations are valid until the end of the next month.

  5. The registration codes must be entered into all three programs.

  6. Entering the registration into the Daisy Multiple Browser unlocks all features in the Daisy Double Browser, the Daisy Page Pull, the Daisy Refreshing Browser, the Daisy VB Mailer, the Daisy Web Site Spider, the Daisy WhoIs and the Daisy Zip Mailer.

You will not receive the user name and password unless you fill in the form!

Name and Short Address

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.
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Post/Zip Code: *
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E-Mail Address
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In which of the following Daisy Web Tools are you particularly interested?
Daisy AutoBackup/FTP - Backup your files to another directory, drive or computer
Daisy Double Browser - Open two copies of Internet Explorer in the same dialog
Daisy Editing Browser - Browse, edit and process a web site
Daisy Multiple Browser - View, edit, process and refresh up to 15 web pages in a single program
Daisy Page Pull - Pull web pages, graphics, documents and files from the Internet using HTTP
Daisy Presentation Browser - View and print web pages under full control
Daisy Print HTML File - Refreshes a page automatically at a preset frequency
Daisy Refreshing Browser - Refreshes a page automatically at a preset frequency
Daisy Simple Browser - A simple browser written as a technology demonstrator
Daisy VB Mailer - E-mails a Visual Basic project as a zipped file
Daisy Web Site Spider - Spiders and checks a web side before uploading
Daisy WhoIs - Finds out who owns a particular domain name
Daisy Zip Mailer - Creates and e-mails a zipped file
We also have a the capability to create all sorts of special browsers and web tools. Please detail your requirements below.