Daisy AnalysisAutoBackup/FTP - Techniques

The basic principles of the Auto Backup/FTP are as follows :-

  • All or selected files in a directory and/or its associated sub-directories can be copied, either to another directory or to an FTP site.

  • For flexibility the copies are defined in a series of profiles, each of which describes a set of files to be copied.

  • Each of the copies can either be timed to occur at specific times or a specific frequency. They can also be performed manually.

Various techniques to broaden the use of the Auto Backup/FTP and make sure that your data is totally secure are discussed in this section :-

  • The backup drive, where the data is copied, should be chosen with care.

  • How to use the program with a laptop computer is discussed.

  • FTP is an inherent part of the Auto Backup/FTP.

  • Individual profiles can also be run using a Windows scheduled task.

  • Errors such as files that don't copy because of lack of space or because they are locked are discussed.

  • The help system is described.