Daisy AnalysisWeb Tools - Versions

Typical version numbers for all the Daisy Web Tools are something like 2006.0.0.2810, where the first number is the year and the last number is the sub-version.

We always release new versions with a base sub-version that can be divided by 10. This is because we like to keep all new versions in step and sometimes bacuse of a minor bug fix, the version number instead of say 2006.0.0.2810, might be 2006.0.0.2811 or 2006.0.0.2812.

Additionally, some programs may not need recompiling and so will have a version number perhaps 20 or so, below the current one. Only at major releases will all versions be recompiled.

This may seem slightly complicated, but it is our experience that a simple recompile may introduce unexpected errors. We prefer to play things very safe and leave well enough alone.