Daisy AnalysisRefreshing Browser

The Daisy Refreshing Browser is one of the Daisy Web Tools, and was a very simple browser that could automatically refresh the web page shown. Refresh rates can be defined down to a second.

I had been originally asked to write the program by a computer gamer. Whether it is any good at fooling the opposition you are still awake is not for me to say!

** New!! ** - For 2007, the program has been updated so that it is single or sequential web page display for a kiosk or a screen that has to be refreshed in say a shop or a sports or entertainment venue.

Refreshing Browser

There are now two versions of the program; the normal one and the 'NC' or No Caption.

The image shown is the 'NC' version, which doesn't have any controls in the caption, which can be completely removed, so that the program can be maximised to fill the whole screen.

Note that only one copy of the Daisy Refreshing Browser can be run unless the program is registered.

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