Daisy AnalysisHow Can I Print Refresh Web Pages Automatically?

Two programs in the Daisy Web Tools will do this :-

  • The Daisy Multiple Browser was originally written so that a bookmaker could watch the odds offered by several of his competitors at the same time. The program was designed so that several copies of Internet Explorer were opened in the same dialog and each could be set to refresh at particular rates.

    Up to fifteen separate web pages can be handled at the same time.

  • Later a Daisy Refreshing Browser was added for computer gamers who wanted to fool their opponents that they were still awake.

    More than one copy of the program can be run.

Both programs will refresh a web page automatically, every few seconds or minutes.

Which program should I use?

Both are downloaded in the Daisy Web Tools. You will need a temporary registration, which will give you free access for upwards of 30 days.