Daisy AnalysisHow Can I Check for Missing Pages in a Web Site?

It is very annoying to design a beautiful web site and then find that the page you have just added, doesn't link to the rest of it. There is also a large amount of errors made in specifying page names and web addresses.

So can all those links be checked?

Note that this process is often referred to as spidering a web site.

Two programs in the Daisy Web Tools will do this :-

  • The Daisy Web Site Spider has been designed to check a web site before it has been uploaded to the Internet.

    Local links can be checked, orphan pages can be located and external links to other web sites can be tested to see if a valid response is obtained.

    An HTML-based report is then produced which can be viewed in any browser.

  • The Daisy Editing Browser can also check and download web sites on the Internet.

Which program should I use?

  • The Daisy Editing Browser is a powerful program that can create, edit and process web sites..
  • The Daisy Web Site Spider is a much simpler program, that you should use if you just want to spider and check the web site.

Both are downloaded in the Daisy Web Tools. You will need a temporary registration, which will give you free access for upwards of 30 days.