Daisy AnalysisHow Can I Backup My Computer Securely?

Most people don't backup their computer and its data enough! Or should I say they always seem to have a crash which loses everything at the most inconvenient time.

Secure backups should mean that the data is copied to a device or medium that can be kept remote from your computer. What happens if your office catches fire and your computer is just a mass of scrap and ashes? Remember Buncefield!

Various backup devices and their level of security include :-

  • A remote secure server on the Internet - This can be very secure, but it can also be expensive. However, if you have lots of important documents that you need to read from many places, it can be a very sensible and convenient method.

  • Another computer on your network - This too is very secure. It is also ideal for large backups, as disc space of 100Gb upwards is very affordable. If the computer is near to yours, then you still have the Buncefield problem.

  • A plug-in drive - This can also be very secure, especially if you use two and cycle them every week, so that your remote secure backup is never more than seven days old. Plug-in drives are now very affordable.

  • Tape - It can be very secure, but I know many times, when the backup tape is unreadabale. Plug-in drives are much more reliable and can hold much more data, even if they are more expensive.

  • A second drive in your computer - Secure, as it is unlikely you will have two drive failures at the same time. But it does suffer from the Buncefield problem.

  • A directory on your computer - Not very secure, as a drive failure will lose the main data and all backups. But it is a sensible approach to secure data that changes regularly for tracking purposes.

The Daisy AutoBackup/FTP is invaluable at creating backups on all these devices. It can also created daily backups, where every day of the week is kept on a separate structure.

Which program should I use?

  • The Daisy AutoBackup/FTP is a powerful program that can backup data to any directory, drive or FTP site.

It is downloaded in the Daisy Web Tools. You will need a temporary registration, which will give you free access for upwards of 30 days.