The Struggle Continues - Part 2 - The Wedding - 4 - The Nick of Time

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'Put the heels on!' The assistant bent down to help, as Alice stepped out of the cubicle wearing the skirt that had arrived from the other shop. Alice stepped in or was it on the shoes. 'How does that feel?'

'It fits well!' Alice walked towards the mirror. 'Is the skirt a bit short for me?'

I liked what I saw. 'It's probably the heels. They make your legs look longer!'

'I'm not totally sure! I don't want to look like mutton dressed as mutton!' She walked up and down to disprove one our commonly-used family sayings. 'It would be so much better with a hat!'

'Two doors down have a selection.' The assistant pointed away from Oxford Street. 'You could try them!'

'Have I time?' She pointed at my watch.

'It's ten thirty five now.' I did a quick calculation, based on a tube journey taking two minutes for each of the nine stops to Mile End, adding in five minutes for up and down and ten minutes for the taxi. 'If you're five minutes, we'll be there by quarter past.'

'That'll be OK! Ewart!' Alice ordered as she made for the door. 'You pay for the suit and I'll see you back here in a minute or two!' She smiled wickedly as she left. When she was outside, she raised her skirt dramatically to show the top of her right stocking to me through the window. She winked at me madly.


'Did you phone to say we'd be late?' We were now in the black cab on the short journey to Josh's house by Victoria Park. 'They'll probably be late anyway. So it doesn't matter too much!'

'Yes!' I sighed. 'But neither of us like to be late do we? What time is the ceremony?'

'I've told you it's twelve several times.'

'Just checking!' I changed the subject. 'The hat goes well doesn't it?'

'That was a stroke of luck. It was the first one I tried on.' She smiled. 'Perhaps everything is getting better!'

'How're the stockings?' They certainly looked good from where I was sitting. 'The colour and the shine suit you!'

'They're fine now!' Alice reached out and held my hand. 'Especially, as you paid for the suit. Thanks! That must have been the most expensive pair of stockings ever!'

'I've still got to pay for the kitchen!'


The taxi pulled up outside the house just before quarter past eleven and we were knocking on the door at the time we'd said we would arrive.

'Alice!' Lucinda had opened the door. 'You look wonderful!'

'So do you!' We both walked into the house, kissing Lucinda as we passed.,/P>

At this point, Josh appeared with a glass of champagne for me and a glass of white wine for Alice. She declined, but I didn't!

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