The Struggle Continues - Part 1 - The Reunion - 7 - The Restaurant

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I walked the kilometre or so from the Post House to Mon Plaisir in Monmouth Street, after spending most of the time since I checked in asleep in the hotel.

I needed that sleep, as Jaq and I had swapped tales for most of the flight. Some were funny, some were sad, many were bawdy and outrageous and all reflected well on the good times we'd both had in Hong Kong. I'd escorted her to the coach to Reading station for the train to Hereford, before I'd taken the tube to Central London. It had been another interesting way to say goodbye to Hong Kong.

I arrived a few minutes before the allotted time of eight and sat towards the front of the restaurant, looking at the posters, advertisements and paintings from France, whilst sipping an orange juice and waiting for Alice. I'd always drunk juice when I had driven everywhere, but for the last two years since I had sold my Discovery, I'd either walked as I had today, used public transport, rode a bike or taken a taxi. It took a large weight off my mind, but old habits died hard.

I was also wondering about whether I should contact Jaq and possibly try to see her again. I had her mobile phone number and she had my business details, but perhaps it would not be the best thing to do. Although, it would be nice to perhaps take her with me to Australia, I doubt I could afford to keep her in the luxury she required and deserved. From what she had said too, I suspected that the unnamed oil executive might have a strong claim on her heart! I would not interfere!

It was perhaps ten past when Alice arrived. Well, I guessed it was Alice as she about the same height and had the same hair colour, but virtually everything else about her was different.

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