Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Screen Shots

All of these screen shots can be displayed at 1024 x 768 pixels by clicking the thumbnail image.

One Window and Help

This simple screenshot shows the Daisy Multiple Browser with one window and the help window for the program open.

The program is open at the Daisy 2003 home page.

Two Windows Split Vertically

This shows two windows arranged vertically.

The left shows the very useful Who Is page at Network Solutions and the other the Multimap home page.

Both are extremely useful for investigating whether web sites are genuine or owned by crooks.

Comparing Web Sites

This shows two windows arranged vertically, where one contains the web site on the Internet and the other the local copy.

Note that the local copy does not have the image as this has not been stored locally in the correct place.

Four Quadrants

This shows four web sites arranged as quadrants. Note that at the resolution shown this can be a bit pointless, but if your screen is 2048 pixels wide this is a very valid technique to watch several web sites.