Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Print

One of the problems with many browsers is that when they print a page from a web site, they add a header and footer to the page. These can be removed if required, but it is not a simple matter. A typical page with and without headers and footers is shown.

Page with Headers

With Headers and Footers

   Page without Headers

Without Headers and Footers

In many cases and especially when you are producing clean copies of web pages either for display or for use as such things as sales flyers, you need to print the pages without any headers and footers.

The Daisy Multiple Browser does just that!

Everytime you print using the Print button in the program, a dialog appears which allows you to choose what is printed and how many pages you want.

For really good copies use photographic quality paper, frame the prints and put them on the wall.

Wide pages are difficult to print in all browsers, but the Daisy Multiple Browser allows pages to be captured as a bitmap and then automatically resized for printing. This is described in full under capture.

Note that all the pages in this Daisy Multiple Browser web site have been designed to a width and height that makes printing easy without any reformatting.