Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Instructions

The Daisy Multiple Browser has a three-stage registration process, which you use if you want to use all the features of the program :-

  1. When you click Register in the program you will be asked if you have registered the program with Daisy Analysis and received valid user and registration codes.

  2. If you haven't you will be connected to the main registration page, so you can pay for and obtain your codes.

  3. After you have received the user and registration codes you open the Register dialog and enter them into the program.

Payment and Registration

The Daisy Multiple Browser can be registered and purchased so that you can access more features of the program.

Registration is through PayPal. One click does it all.

Once you have registered the program, you will receive appropriate user and registration codes. These codes are needed to enable all of the features of the program.

Entering the Codes

The Daisy Multiple Browser has a Properties menu called from the toolbar at the top of the browser.

Note Properties with the hand half-hidden behind the menu.

Use this menu to call the registration system, as shown in the graphic, by clicking on Register.

Properties menu

Before entering the codes you will be asked if you want to register the program. In most cases you will have already done this and have obtained the codes, so click Yes.

You will then be presented with the dialog, which allows the user and registration codes to be entered.

Fill in the required fields and then click OK.

You will now be fully registered.

Note that if you have entered codes for a previous version of the Daisy Multiple Browser, then these are still valid.

Properties dialog