Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Gambling

By gambling, I mean any activity that involves risks with money or intellectual assets :-

  • Bookmaking - The original application of the Daisy Multiple Browser.
  • Day Trading - Far too risky for me.
  • Gambling - Whether this be on horses, dogs, football or people and such things as on-line poker rooms.
  • Gaming - I know nothing about on-line gaming and consider it pointless.
  • Stock Broking - Both in the research and the display of stock prices and information.

All of these applications are very similar from a computing point of view.

Lots of web pages and information needs to be tracked, often every few minutes or seconds.

My Saturday Bets on Horses

I like a bet and often whilst watching the racing on the television on a Saturday afternoon, I'll put two or three betting sites in the Daisy Multiple Browser to check what is happening :-

  • Betfair - I use Betfair for two purposes; to place bets and see how the odds are fluctuating. The second is very important, as the derivative of the odds is a solid indication of what punters think about the horse.

  • Chat Room - I may also have an appropriate chat room open for information.

  • Bookmakers - Two or possibly three bookmakers web sites, will also be open and ready to use for bets.

This all means that if I do bet, I get the best prices.

I should say that with all betting information is the most important thing. Years ago, I watched Terimon do his last piece of work on Newmarket Heath before the 1989 Derby. He impressed so we all had some small each-way bets. He came second at 500-1.

Unfortunately, the Internet means that bets like that are a thing of the past!

But you can improve the odds you get on a bet by ten percent by choosing the best time and bookmaker for your wager.

All forms of gambling are the same; collect the information and then make your investment with the best broker or bookmaker at the correct time.

James Miller

An aside here is that the automatic refresh feature of the Daisy Multiple Browser is used by several gamers to fool opponents that they are still awake!