Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Features

The main features of the Daisy Multiple Browser include :-

  • Preloading several copies of Internet Explorer with the web sites needed for your work or hobby. This effectively gives you more than one home page, when you start Internet Explorer.

  • Documents, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations can also be displayed.

  • Watching several important web pages at the same time. This was the original application of the program and it is still important.

  • Web pages can be set to automatically refresh every few minutes.

  • Cloning allows the current web page to be copied for further processing. This can be to a new browser window or an external copy of Internet Explorer.

  • Printing clean copies of web pages. The annoying header and footer that are printed by a browser can be removed for printing.

  • Capturing or copying allows the current web page to be copied as a bitmap image to the clipboard for transfer to other programs such as Word, Powerpoint, Dream Weaver and Photoshop.

  • The Daisy Multiple Browser has a built-in Google search. Just click Search in the toolbar and Google is called to search the Internet.

  • Comparing web sites and pages. Two web sites, such as the Internet and local copy, can be easily compared.

Many of the features of the Daisy Multiple Browser have led to new uses and applications. All were unexpected when the program was developed for the simple purpose of watching multiple pages for a bookmaker.

If you would like a new feature in the program, then please contact us.