Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Efficiency

Suppose you have to sort out a large number of papers for a meeting.

You would often clear the largest space you can find and lay all of the papers out in organised piles. The bigger the space the better.

It's the same with computer displays. The bigger the screen the better and it is one of the quickest ways of improving productivity on your computer. How many companies reserve the biggest screens for the manager's ego and make the workers do with the smallest?

So make sure you have the biggest screen you can afford. Note that unlike computers, which fall behind in power and capability, a large screen made in the last two years or so will probably be more than adequate for your next computer system. In most cases it will only be replaced when it expires.

But all space is finite!

The Daisy Multiple Browser helps to create more space on the desktop by collecting and tidying up all of your browser windows.

The ability to clone also helps to speed such processes as browsing and searching.

Get to a promising point, clone the browser window and then continue processing in the new window. If it leads to a blind alley, then you delete the window and return to the original.