Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Dialog Explained

The program dialog includes a subset of Internet Explorer.

The example shown on this page is based on the first screenshot shown on the Screen Shots page. Click to load this example into another copy of your browser.

Shown is the top left of the Daisy Multiple Browser dialog.

Top left of the Daisy Multiple Browser

The five buttons, Add..., Clone, Edit..., Delete... and Split... are the control buttons for the program are are used to control the copies of Interner Explorer held in the program.

The other buttons to the right, Main, MB, DA etc. are the buttons that are used to switch between the various copies. Up to 15 are allowed.

Above each browser window are buttons, which navigate, refresh, print and search.

Note that as the browser window is Internet Explorer, all of the features of that program work. For instance you can use the right-click menu to do such things as view the source code of the page.

Shown is the top right of the Daisy Multiple Browser dialog.

The two top buttons set the Properties for the program and cut out the help. The second row of buttons control the help.

The button at the bottom right even allows you to modify the help, if you don't like it.

Top right of the Daisy Multiple Browser