Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Clone

Browsing the Internet is often much like looking for a cottage in an unfamiliar part of the country, where there are endless lanes and few signposts. You might get to a good starting point you recognise and then branch off in a particular direction which turns out to be a rather blind alley. So you want to go back and start again.

Traditionally, in browsers you might add the sensible starting points to your favourites. But the problem with this is you then end up with endless lists of favourites which almost need a search engine to make sense of them.

The Daisy Multiple Browser offers an alternative approach.

Suppose you are following the recent health story about Vitamin D and have started at the BBC's web site.

Just click the Clone button and a new browser window will be created that contains the current web page. You can then carry on browsing in the new window, leaving the old page still displayed.

The new working browser windows are numbered consecutively and will be deleted automatically when the browser is closed.

Vitamin D story - Click for large


Cloned Vitamin D story - Click for large

The second image shows the same web page after cloning to a new working browser. Note the button 1 has been added to the top of the program.

You can also copy the page from within the Daisy Multiple Browser to a new copy of Internet Explorer.

This technique can be used at any time providing the maximum limit of fifteen windows is not exceeded.