Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Capture

I have been writing a collection of notes called 'Making the Most of the Internet'. Much of the text is enlived by screen captures of web pages. Most of these were captured originally using the Alt-Prt Scr keystroke. This works well, but it does mean that every image shows all the headers, borders and icons of Internet Explorer. I also had to be very careful that I got an image of the same size each time.

What I needed was a program that would just capture the web page as a bitmap image. And as an image of which I could control the size.

This capture has now been added to the Daisy Multiple Browser.

The web page to be captured is selected and displayed in the Daisy Multiple Browser in the normal way, either through links, searching or entering the URL directly.

The Copy button in the browser is then used to display the page in a sizable window.

The home page of this web site is shown, with the window adjusted to show just the top part of the page.

Note the three buttons at the top; Copy, Print and Setup.

Resizable capture window - Click for large

Copy takes the web page enclosed in the window and copies it to a bitmap image. This can then be pasted directly into every word, graphics or web page processor, such as Word, PowerPoint, Dream Weaver, Photoshop and Paint.

Print prints the web page directly. As the web page is resized to fit the printed page, this is an ideal and very simple way of printing one of those annoying web pages that are just too wide for the printer.

Setup is used to adjust the margins of the capture, the maximum sizes and other parameters. Note that the margins must be set so that the margins of the browser are left out of the capture. You can also adjust them, so that scrollbars are removed.

A Simple Process That Leads to Powerful Applications

This is in effect a very simple process, but it leads to many powerful applications like, press cuttings, copyright monitoring, research and many, many more.

Just think in how many applications you print a web page and add date, time and a few notes. The approach in the Daisy Multiple Browser is much quicker than the normal capture methods based on Alt Prt Scr.