Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Applications

The main applications of the Daisy Multiple Browser include :-

  • Monitoring several important web pages at the same time. This was the original application of the program and it is still important.

  • Research of all forms is a major application of the Daisy Multiple Browser.

  • Gambling is a very general and very large class of applications, which include bookmaking, day trading, gaming and many other similar applications as well as gambling itself, where information is king and the aim is to make more money than others.

  • eBay has been one of the business successes of the last ten years. Quite a few sales of the Daisy Multiple Browser have been to serious eBay players.

  • Web site developers have purchased the software for many reasons.

  • Tidying the desktop. Opening several copies of a browser often gives management problems for the user, as windows get hidden behind others.

  • Interfacing to web page-based systems. Because the program can have several home pages and holds everything in one dialog, it can be used as an interface to management and other systems based on a series of web-pages.

  • Improving searching effiiciency. The structure of the program makes serious searching of the Internet must easier and faster.

If you use the program to develop a new application, then please contact us.