Daisy AnalysisZip/VB Mailer - Applications

The Daisy Zip and VB Mailers are simple programs, that can be used in several powerful applications :-

  • E-Mailing Large Files

    The simplest application for the Daisy Zip Mailer is the e-mailing of large files to others.

    Typically, this will result in a large saving in the size of the file being mailed. With broadband this may seem rather trivial, but some e-mail filters ban large attachments and especially those with certain extensions like .exe and .gif.

    Sending a zipped file helps circumvent these rules as it uses a much more acceptable and smaller file. Especially, as now most computers can easily unzip the file when it is received.

  • E-Mailing Groups of Files

    There is nothing more tedious than attaching lots of files to an e-mail. The Daisy Zip Mailer allows many files to be attached to one e-mail by using up to four separate masks.

  • E-Mailing Visual Basic Projects

    The Daisy VB Mailer can zip and e-mail a Visual Basic project. A message can be added if required.

  • E-Mailing Sets of Files Every Day

    How often do companies expect reports such as Excel spreadsheets and Word documents to be e-mailed to head office every day? A template or profile in the Daisy Zip Mailer can be defined, which will select the files to be e-mailed and this can then be imported and run at the end of every day.

    This process can also be used to make sure that important documents are e-mailed to a secure location.

If you have used either program in an interesting way, then please contact us.