Daisy AnalysisDouble Browser - Applications

The applications of the Daisy Double Browser might appear to be fairly limited.

But this is not the case :-

  • Displaying two separate web pages at the same time is not as silly as you think, when one page might be in English and the other in French or even Chinese.

  • One particular application is searching for the best price for a product or service. Search in both windows, keeping the best prices available in one window and then swapping as required.

  • As the Daisy Double Browser can synchronise the two windows, the program can be used to both check that local and remote copies of web sites are the same and behave as such. It can also check that two identical sites in different languages behave the same.

  • Other applications such as printing web pages and spidering web sites in this program, have now been superceded by new Daisy Web Tools.

Some suggested applications for other programs developed in a simple way include :-

  • Specialist Help Systems where pages have to be changed to reflect the status of the program or as commands are changed.

  • Web Site Testing Software where the remote and local web sites are to be displayed together for comparison purposes.

  • Information Systems, where an index and a contents are required.