Celia Miller - Donations

Several people have asked me about making suitable donations to one of Celia's favourite charities or causes. Some have already done this. And some that haven't even known her and have been touched by her life, have also made donations in her name.

She would be very proud of that!

I said this in my message announcing her celebration on the sixteenth.

We are not asking people to send flowers, but to make an appropriate donation to an suitable charity such as Macmillan Nurses, NSPCC, Save the Children, UNICEF or perhaps your local hospice or cancer charity.

That would be for those who like a conventional approach.

But I'll tell a true tale.

When we got married we were broke. This is often a recurring theme in the early part of our marriage, but then you don't become a success if it is at all easy. And Celia was a success and you only have to read the letters and e-mails I've received to believe it.

So when we got married, we borrowed the money for the licence from my Auntie Gladys. She was a fairly formidable lady, who had very much a Barbara Woodhousian build and approach on life. She was also a similar age. Auntie Gladys said that she didn't want the money back, but that I was to pass it on to someone suitable in the future.

Then in about 1985, I was approached by a lad from I think the Chantry Estate in Ipswich, who wanted sponsorship to go on Operation Raleigh. I gave him the money on condition he passed it on in the same way I had done. Whilst travelling the world I got letters from him and then a few years ago, he wrote and told me that he'd passed on the legacy to someone else.

So perhaps, it might be an idea, that if you see a worthy young person struggling to get on, then you give them some advice or a small grant to help them get started. The only condition would be that if they are ever successful, then the donation is passed on.

Celia would have liked that. And so would Auntie Gladys!