Daisy AnalysisAutoBackup/FTP - Scheduled Tasks

Look at the backup requirements for a small office computer system or group of computers that are to be secured together. It might contain eight or so computers, each of which would have their own data. For complete security you should probably :-

  • Take a daily backup to a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. directory on a large secure server.

  • Take a monthly backup on the first of the month. In some companies it is often done the day after the invoice run at the month end.

  • Take a full yearly backup.

Obviously, tapes or CD-ROMs should be made of the backups for complete security.

The Daisy AutoBackup/FTP can obviously handle the daily backup, but how can it handle the others.

The simplest way is to define a series of profiles for each of the transfers, but grouping them so that the daily backups are say profiles number 1 to 10 and the others are perhaps 11 to 20 for the monthly and 21 to 30 for the yearly.

The first group are selected and run in the normal way and the others would be run using a Windows scheduled task at the appropriate date and time.

All that is needed is to add the profile number to the Daisy AutoBackup/FTP program name in the task.

Typically this would be :-

    C:\Program Files\Daisy Analysis\Daisy2006AB.exe "23"

Which would run profile number 23.

Note that any number of scheduled tasks can be defined.