Daisy AnalysisAutoBackup/FTP - Publishing

Publishing and especially that of large files is a powerful application for the AutoBackup/FTP.

Suppose you are creating a series of .pdf or .doc files, that must be uploaded to the Internet for distribution to your clents. The process is simple and needs just one profile :-

  • A typical FTP profile is created, which defines a source directory and the FTP parameters.

  • A cache directory should be defined so that files are only uploaded, when they have changed.

  • A appropriate control frequency is chosen. Typically, fifteen minutes is a good value.

To mechanise the publishing, all you need to do is transfer the file to be uploaded to the source directory. The AutoBackup/FTP then does the rest.

In some cases you may want to publish the files as .zip files.

Here a second zip profile is defined that creates the .zip files in the source directory of the FTP profile. A cache directory must be used, so that the .zip files are only created when the original files are changed.

In this pair of profiles, it is recommended that the zip profile has a lower number than the FTP. This will mean that when the profiles are run, the zip will be performed before the upload. Otherwise the upload will be a cycle after the zipping.